Phil Kalas | ASHLAND

Our customers are loving the storytelling, graphic design and layout that Noah at Oniracom directed. Sales have picked up, we are getting great traffic, excellent time on the site and fantastic feedback.

Noah has a unique ability to not only envision concepts to connect to our customers but also do the legwork to implement and test them.

Every project that I have worked on with Noah increases my already high level of trust with him.

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Charlene Sansone | FREELANCE

Noah and I have collaborated both under the Oniracom umbrella and on freelance projects. Each time I have been astounded by his ability to take in large amounts of complex client information and come back to the table with simple, clear, applicable solutions, that not only hit the target but expand what is possible every time.

His ability to listen deeply, ask great questions and see things from all angles is a true gift. His value add to any team goes way beyond his title of Creative Director. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

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Shahira Kudsi | ONIRACOM

I am constantly wowed by the level at which Noah thinks and operates.

He has an unmistakable aptitude for design, a seemingly natural ability to communicate precisely and effectively, and one hell of a strong work ethic.

10/10 as a person and creative professional.

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Noah is an incredibly versatile talent and was able to apply a wide range of approaches to our creative department. He is also a top-notch writer and editor and there was no aspect of copy or composition that he couldn't tackle expertly.

He has a very keen eye all around and could easily adapt to different, nuanced conceptual approaches. To borrow a baseball metaphor, he could play every position on the field.

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Cameron Van Peebles | INMARKET

Noah is a spectacular designer that we have used regularly for many months. Even though he is freelance, he really feels like part of the department and part of the family.

He is insanely quick to respond to requests and the work is always of the highest quality, and I am a very hard client to please! ;) Highly recommended!!

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Justin Montgomery | AIRPUSH

Noah has always done, and continues to do, an excellent job on a multitude of projects for us here at Airpush, and always delivers quality work on-time and on-point.

From logos to complex branding projects, Noah is always ready and willing to get the job done quickly and effectively. His response time is incredible and we can always count on him for top quality work no matter what the project entails. Very highly recommended.

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Marilyn Richardson | APPLEONE

Noah's hard and soft skills as it relates to all phases of copy writing, creative design, and his superior knowledge of the social media arena, will far surpass any organization's expectations.

His ability to develop concepts and execute projects made it very easy and pleasurable to work with him. Noah would be a valuable working partner to any organization or team.

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I had pleasure of working with Noah to create branding and marketing templates. When I hired him I had high expectations. He exceeded them in every way.

Noah is a collaborator and creative genius. He is professional and punctual. He delivered according to the contract. Most importantly Noah is highly efficient and communicates at every point.

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